Get ready to shift your paradigm in toilet cleaning! No more hard water rings or stains! Safety Foam is our #1 hard water toilet bowl cleaner, the acid based cleaner makes easy work of what used to be a terrible chore.

The way you use Safety Foam is going to be different than what most people are used to, but the dance is worth the outcome.  Lower the water level, activate the foam, let is dwell, then flush! It really is that easy and doing it once a week will keep your porcelain throne looking fit for a king.

Lowering the water level in the toilet (for any cleaner) is a must do! As soon as any cleaner mixes with water it starts to dilute. So lowering the water allows the full strength of the cleaner to work where you need it the most, the hard water ring.

Squeeze out the Johnny Mop and  put the Safety Foam liquid on the fluffy cotton head (1-2 oz). Then start to work the Mop around the toilet to “activate” the foam (about 20 seconds), place the foam around the entire toilet bowl.  Let sit for 3-5 minutes to allow the acid based foam to eat away at the minerals and stains building up (bye bye!).   ** SF Hack, place the mop head over the toilet bowl and secure with the seat, so if anything drips it goes right into the bowl.  Bonus Hack, continue cleaning other  parts of the bathroom while SF works so no minute goes wasted! Time is money! (or relaxation)**

Then Flush and rinse your Johnny Mop. Boom you’re done! Just wait for your neighbors to compliment your bright white bowl and ask for you secret! You don’t have to tell them, but we would appreciate it if you did! Safety Foam is the best and everyone deserves the cleanest place to sit.